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As desperate rescuers work in Turkey and Syria, survivors scream

By 02/06/2023 6:54 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Early Monday, rescuers and citizens moved tons of debris by hand in a frantic search for survivors trapped by a severe earthquake. They passed pieces of concrete and household items through mountains of debris.

“Is anyone listening?

” Rescue workers shouted as they searched the region of Kahramanmaras, the epicenter, for survivors.

Screaming survivors could be heard in several areas of Turkey from below collapsing buildings.

Steel bars raised a large cement sheet at an angle, and many people knelt to peer beneath it.

To find survivors, they crept in and out.

The region of Turkey and Syria, which had been rocked by a strong 7.8 magnitude earthquake and at least one that struck hours later, was engulfed in darkness, rain, and cold as rescue attempts got underway. In Turkey and Syria, civilians assisted rescuers in their frantic efforts to save at least 2,500 people.

Rescuers also managed to extract two youngsters alive from the wreckage in another area of Kahramanmaras province. On the snowy ground, one person was lying on a stretcher. They calmed the masses of people who were trying to aid in the search for survival.

About 20 individuals in Adana used power saws to cut a hole in the cement mountain of a fallen building so that any survivors might climb out or be rescued. Some of the workers were wearing emergency rescue jackets.

Excavators later joined the effort as bright spotlights illuminated the wreckage.

Along with some 3,500 militaries, thousands of search and rescue workers, firefighters, and medical professionals worked in 10 provinces. Screaming was heard from beneath buildings, and locals lifted the rubble to reveal the victims.

According to the defense ministry, injured people were flown to hospitals in Ankara and Istanbul by Turkish military medical aircraft. Turkish rescuers from around the country attempted to reach the provinces despite blizzards and downpours.

However, many people in Antakya, Hatay, claimed they lacked appropriate support and were concerned about the miles of debris and the people trapped beneath it.

The airport in Hatay was extensively destroyed, making rescue efforts more difficult.

In Syria, a guy walked away from a 2-story cement structure that had collapsed while holding a dead daughter in his arms.

He placed the daughter on the floor with a covering to shield her from the winter rains, wrapped her in a thick blanket, and turned to face the building while feeling overwhelmed.

A representative of Turkey’s disaster management agency reported that 6,445 individuals had been saved from 10 districts. Orhan Tatar, the official, said that 5,606 buildings had collapsed.



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