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As the border gets hotter, Hezbollah and Israel exchange warnings and threats

By 08/13/2023 3:01 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Hezbollah commander Haj Jihad stated in an interview published on the Lebanese website Al-Manar that “The enemy will not be able to leave Lebanon during the next war if he arrives” and that “All the places where he will stay in Lebanon will become graveyards.

Hezbollah “has completed the preparations and equipment requirements to actualize its leader Hassan Nasrallah’s promise that the world will witness the defeat of the Israeli army in any future conflict,” the leadership continued.

Although “we are facing an army lacking fighting ability,” the general asserted, “it is possible to achieve victory.”

The enemy’s preparations indicate that he plans to defend the Galilee, he continued, adding that “Our struggle will be over the Galilee. He won’t be able to leave our territory, though, if he comes in.

The violent comments come after Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant warned last Tuesday that a conflict with Hezbollah would send Lebanon “back to the stone age” if it broke out.

After weeks of ongoing clashes with Hezbollah along the international border, Gallant made his declaration. “Don’t commit an error. A battle is not what we desire. However, Gallant stated in a video statement posted to The Times of Israel website, “We are ready to safeguard our civilians, our soldiers, and our sovereignty.

Gallant stated to Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary general of Hezbollah, “You have committed mistakes in the past, and you have paid extremely severe penalties.

We will bring Lebanon back to the Stone Age if there is an increase in tension or conflict here. Gallant continued, “If we have to, Israel will not hesitate to use its power to erode every inch of Hezbollah and Lebanon,” speaking during a tour of the border region.


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