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As the US stay irks Biden, Bolsonaro considers an early departure for Brazil

By 01/11/2023 12:27 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Following his supporters’ savage assault on Brazil’s capital over the weekend, the Biden administration is coming under increasing pressure from leftists in Latin America and American members of Congress to kick Jair Bolsonaro out of a post-presidential retreat in Florida.

But any efforts for such a scathing condemnation may be thwarted by the far-right former president.

On Tuesday, he informed a Brazilian media site that he would advance his return home, which was initially planned for late January. In 2018, he was stabbed, and the following pain put him in the hospital.

Bolsonaro told CNN’s Brazilian station in Portuguese, “I came to spend some time away with my family, but these weren’t tranquil days.

The unfortunate incident in Brazil happened first, followed by my hospitalization.

Bolsonaro arrived in Florida in late December, missing Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s inauguration on January 1 and making him the first elected Brazilian president since democracy was restored in the 1980s not to receive the presidential sash from his predecessor.

According to reports, Bolsonaro is lodging at the residence of ardent admirer and Brazilian mixed martial artist Jose Aldo in the Orlando region.

Until Sunday’s attack by hundreds of ardent fans who had been camped out for weeks outside a military base in Brasilia, unwilling to accept Bolsonaro’s narrow loss in an October runoff, his trip to the Sunshine State went unreported primarily in the United States.

The glass was shattered, computers were destroyed, and artwork was hacked due to their attack on Brazil’s Congress and the presidential palace.

Democrats expressed concern about Bolsonaro’s continued presence in the country almost as soon as the images of the carnage went viral, drawing comparisons between the Brazilian rampage and the Donald Trump ally uprising that stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2020, to overturn the U.S. presidential election results.

Those requesting President Joe Biden remove Bolsonaro from office include Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.



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