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At a White House ceremony, Biden signs the gay marriage bill

By 12/14/2022 9:16 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In front of thousands of spectators on Tuesday, President Joe Biden signed legislation legalizing homosexual marriage, marking the rising acceptance of same-sex relationships.

On the South Lawn of the White House, Biden declared, “This law and the love it supports strike a blow against bigotry in all its manifestations.” And for that reason, every single American is affected by this statute.

Along with first lady Jill Biden, vice president Kamala Harris, and her husband Doug Emhoff, there were lawmakers from both parties. Sam Smith and Cyndi Lauper both sang.

Before the event, Lauper stated in the White House briefing room, “For once, our families, mine and a lot of my friends — and individuals you know, maybe your neighbors — we can rest easy tonight because our families are validated.

Senator Chuck Schumer, D-New York, the majority leader in the Senate, wore the same purple tie to the ceremony as he did to his daughter’s wedding.

The first kid of his daughter and her husband is due in the spring.

Schumer said on the Senate floor in the morning, “My grandchild will live in a world that will respect and cherish their mothers’ marriage because of the tireless work of many of my colleagues.

A right-wing pushback over gender problems, which has concerned homosexual and transgender people and their defenders, played out against the triumphal mood.

The “callous, cynical laws introduced in the states targeting transgender children, scaring families, and criminalizing doctors who provide children with the care they need,” Biden stated.

Biden asserted that racism, antisemitism, homophobia, and transphobia are all interrelated.

But love is a remedy for hatred.

The proprietor of Club Q, a homosexual nightclub in Colorado where five people were shot and killed last month, and two attack survivors, were in attendance. Hate crime charges have been brought against the suspect.

There were also plaintiffs from the initial litigation that supported the national legalization of gay marriage.

Kelley Robinson, head of the Human Rights Campaign, stated, “It’s not lost on me that our quest for freedom hasn’t been realized.

“However, this is a significant step forward, and we must rejoice in our successes and draw strength from them to continue the struggle.”

Robinson, along with her wife and infant kid, attended the event.

She responded, “Our kids are seeing this.” “Having them here and demonstrating to them that we are on the right side of history is incredibly special.”


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