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At the July 4 celebration, Netanyahu praises an “irreplaceable and indispensable” US ally

By 07/04/2023 3:27 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


At a celebration honoring America’s 247th Independence Day on Monday evening in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the country.

“I would want to convey my sincere thanks and admiration for America’s steadfast support of Israel.

The United States has been our dependable and necessary ally for 75 years.

Irreplaceable. Unavoidable,” said Netanyahu.

“America gave Israel moral and political support against those determined to wipe us out, to wipe out the one and only Jewish state, eleven minutes after our inception and at pivotal moments throughout our history.

Not less significant, for almost 50 years, America has generously supported Israel with military aid, helping to provide us with the means to defend ourselves on our own.

“Our two nations have become more unified decade after decade. I’m delighted to state that today’s security collaboration, intelligence sharing, and alliance strength are all at their highest levels ever.

I’ve stated for a long time that Israel has no greater ally than America, and I’ll repeat it to you: America has no better ally than Israel.

“On July 4, all democratic nations should recall that the establishment of the United States of America was the pivotal event that assured the rise of freedom in modern times.

America has consistently overcome the forces of terror and despotism. But we must also keep in mind a fundamental truth: Freedom is priceless and it is never given away.

To stop those who want to propagate terror and endanger free countries, it frequently takes a forceful and immediate response, according to Netanyahu.

In his remarks, President Isaac Herzog emphasized that the United States of America is Israel’s “greatest friend.

“The virtues of democracy, life, liberty, and justice are deeply held values shared by our two countries, both of which have a rich historical heritage.

According to Herzog, there is no denying the strength of our alliance, both in terms of the good it has done for the globe and the potential it offers for the future.

In addition to providing both of our countries with security, stability, and peace, he said, “our collaboration, which spans every conceivable sector and sphere, has brought the promise of hope and prosperity to this region.”

Netanyahu praised the great “service and friendship” of the United States.

Tom Nides, the ambassador, will leave his post this month.

Tom, thank you. You’ve shown during your time here that you support Israel with both your mind and your heart,” added Netanyahu.

“Israel will always remain your home away from home, no matter what you do or what you decide to do in the next chapter of your life.

We are mishpuche [family], as you’ve mentioned several times, to paraphrase President Joe Biden, the premier continued.

Nides gave a toast to the attendees and expressed his gratitude for “celebrating the friendship and marking the unshakable bond between the United States and Israel in the 75th year of Israel’s independence.

Friends, may Israel’s land experience only peace, prosperity, security, and success. It is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

May our strong and enduring relationships serve as inspiration for what may be achieved between nations.


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