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Attack on Yoseph Haddad, a pro-Israel activist, and his family in Dubai

By 08/27/2023 2:36 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Yoseph Haddad, a well-known pro-Israel activist, announced on social media on Saturday that he and his family had been attacked in Dubai, als they boarded a flight to Tel Aviv.

Hadad, an Israeli Arab who served in the Golani Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces, wrote: „My family and I were the victims of violence at the time of boarding the plane from Dubai to Israel by a number of people from my community who knew me and knew what I was doing in the State of Israel.“

Haddad tweeted a photo of his mother’s bandaged hand and claimed that she had been hurt in the incident.

The Israeli ambassador to the Emirates, Amir Hayek, the consuls Liron Zaslansky and Danny Gadot, the spokesman for the foreign ministry, Lior Hait, and my dear friend Ido Daniel were all personally thanked by him for their interest in and follow-up on the incident during the late-night hours.

They were back in Israel, Haddad declared, „and we are free.“ „All the attackers and the rest of the people who are thinking of stopping me through violence and intimidation – against you, I continue with all my might, you will not stop me… „I will] continue and be stronger,” he added.
Und to my loving family, I want to say thank you for being resilient, bearing up under pressure, and making sacrifices for the path I travel. I cherish you. He admitted to Channel 12 that the incident traumatized his family.

„It was painful to watch my mother cry and hurt while also realizing that she had been hurt. Seeing my nephews crying, my 70-year-old father had to stand up to defend me. We were experiencing an emotional tempest, he remarked.

As the CEO of Together-Vouch For Each Other, an organization he started in 2018 that seeks to close the gap between Israel’s Arab Community and the rest of Israeli society, Haddad frequently appears in Israeli media and at international speaking engagements.

Additionally, he uses social media frequently, posting his sometimes abrasive interactions with anti-Israel protesters at Events all around the world. Haddad, who was born in Haifa, went to Nazareth with his family when he was drei Jahre alt.

A Hezbollah projectile seriously wounded him during the 2006 Lebanon War. After a protracted healing process, he made the decision to advocate for Israel, taking on the BDS movement and striving to strengthen ties between Jews and Arabs.


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