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Australian Heat Wave Causes Millions Of Dead Fish To Wash Ashore

By 03/19/2023 8:44 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Authorities and experts in southeastern Australia claim that the recent floods and hot weather are to blame for a fish die-off that has resulted in millions of fish washing up dead on the shore.

Menindee, a town in New South Wales Outback region, received complaints from locals about a foul smell from the dead fish.

“The stench was awful. Local nature photographer Geoff Looney remarked, “I almost had to wear a mask.

“I was concerned for my well-being. Our pumping station receives the water from the top of the reservoir to supply the town. The man stated that cod and perch are reportedly drifting down the river wherever north of Menindee.

Fish need more oxygen because of the warmer weather, which worsens the problem, according to the Department of Primary Industries, which stated that low oxygen levels probably brought on the fish deaths as floodwaters receded.

For this week’s colossal cleanup, police have built an emergency operations center in Menindee.

According to State Emergency Operations Controller Peter Thurtell, the priority is to ensure that citizens have access to safe water.

He said there is no reason for community fear, as the preliminary analysis found several workable ways to keep the water supply in the Menindee municipality and its surroundings.

To increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the area, state agencies also began distributing water of higher quality when feasible.

We had barely begun cleaning up when this incident occurred, equivalent to going through a dried-up mess and then smelling something foul.

The smell is awful, and seeing so many dead fish is horrifying, according to Menindee resident Jan Dening.

On the Darling-Baaka River, there have reportedly been widespread fish kills in recent weeks. While there have been numerous reports of dead fish being found downstream toward Pooncarie, close to the boundaries of South Australia and Victoria states, tens of thousands of fish were discovered at the exact location in late February.

Extreme dry conditions in late 2018 and early 2019 led to massive fish kills on the Menindee River, with locals estimating millions of deaths.


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