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Back in Buffalo to continue his recovery is Bills safety Hamlin

By 01/10/2023 11:12 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Damar Hamlin was relocated to a hospital in Buffalo on Monday, according to the medical professionals who cared for him, which is encouraging news given the incredible recovery he has made a week after suffering a heart arrest and needing to be revived on the field during a game in Cincinnati.

Hamlin was flown to western New York to continue his recovery after being released from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in the morning.

His health at Buffalo General Medical Center was listed as stable.

“I can attest that he’s doing fine. And this marks the start of the following phase of his recuperation, according to one of his Cincinnati doctors, Dr. William Knight.

According to his doctors, Hamlin has been walking since Friday, eating regular food, and receiving treatment.

According to them, he was recovering normally from a cardiac arrest, regarded as a life-threatening occurrence, and a typical recovery might take anywhere between weeks and months.

Dr. Timothy Pritts stated, “We continue to be pleased about his recuperation.

A day after seeing the Bills defeat the New England Patriots 35–23 to close the regular season, Hamlin returned to the field.

Hamlin and the Bills received a cathartic outpouring of support during the game.

Pritts stated that it was still too soon to speculate on what might have caused Hamlin’s heart arrest.

The Bills honored their teammate on Sunday by raising three fingers in his honor during the game’s final minutes, and tight end Dawson Knox celebrated his score by making the shape of a heart with his hands. As they joined, many spectators held up the red heart and No. 3 signs.

Hamlin wrote in a tweet sent out on Monday announcing his departure for Buffalo, “Watching the globe come together around me on Sunday was absolutely an awesome sensation.

The 24-year-old from the Pittsburgh region spent his first two days at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center sedated and breathing through a ventilator, but he has made remarkable progress in his recovery.

He was roused on Wednesday night and gradually gained the ability to grasp hands. By Friday, Hamlin was breathing independently.

He even spoke to the squad via videoconference and told the Bills, “Love you, lads.”

Hamlin’s neurological function was rated as “outstanding” in the most recent medical evaluation on Saturday, despite being still listed in critical condition.

With a pregame moment of support, painting Hamlin’s No. 3 on the 30-yard line, and pregame jerseys bearing the slogan “Love for Damar 3,” the NFL will demonstrate its support for Hamlin throughout all of Week 18’s games.

After making what seemed to be a normal tackle against the Bengals in the first quarter on Monday night, Hamlin’s heart stopped.

The match was first put on hold before being formally called off later in the week.

The news of Hamlin’s release from the Cincinnati hospital was joyfully received.



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