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BDE: 2 Israelis Murdered In Samaria Shooting Attack

By 02/26/2023 3:14 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

BDE: Two young Israelis were killed in a horrifying shooting attack in the Palestinian hamlet of Hawarra, which is close to Shechem.

Eyewitnesses said that the terrorists fired on the Israelis after ramming their vehicle into the back of the Israelis’ vehicle, killing both of them.

They were confirmed dead shortly after emergency rescue personnel made vain attempts to revive them. Twelve bullet casings were found at the location.

The terrorists fled in the direction of Shechem, and the IDF started a manhunt for them. One was sporting a jersey from the Lion’s Den terrorist organization, which took part in the Shechem firefights between the IDF and terrorists last week, in which 11 terrorists were killed.

Hillel Menahem and Yagel Yaakov Yaniv, two brothers from the Mount Gerizim settlement of Har Bracha, have been identified as two Israelis in their 20s.

Because of its isolation, the community frequently faces stoning attacks as it passes through the Arab settlement of Hawarra on its way south. Although not yet constructed, a bypass road is planned.

Yossi Dagan, the chairman of the Samaria Regional Council, who was en route to the scene, said: “Unfortunately, this is a very serious incident; the government must change the paradigm and shift from defense to offense; it cannot be that terrorists are allowed to shoot innocent civilians in broad daylight.

“Terrorism’s savagery demonstrates that there is no deterrence. Changes must be made to the firing instructions, the checkpoints must be reopened, and the Palestinian Authority’s terrorist infrastructure must be actively destroyed.

We will not crumble in the face of the homicidal terrorism of the Palestinian Authority because the people of Israel and Samaria are strong, continued Dagan.




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