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BDE: At the age of 74, Rabbi Mordechai Sternberg, the rosh yeshiva of Har HaMor, passed away

By 12/06/2022 4:07 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

BDE: Rabbi Mordechai (Motty) Sternberg, one of the founders of the Chardal [National Chareidi] yeshiva Har HaMor, passed away on Monday at 74.

The Torah community mourns him. Rabbi Sternberg has battled cancer for the previous year.

He leaves behind his wife, Miriam (the daughter of the late chief rabbi of Netanya, Moshe Levin), children, and grandkids.

In 1948, Rabbi Sternberg was born in Kfar Pines. When he was 13 years old, his father, the local rabbi, passed away, and the family relocated to Jerusalem.

He received his education at Netiv Meir Yeshiva as well as Kfar Chasidim, where he was taught by Rabbi Eliyahu Mishkovsky, who employed the same teaching strategies as Rabbi Shimon Shkop during his whole teaching career.

This analytical technique uses general notions that have been defined to understand the sugya [talmudic dialogue]. Rabbi Sternberg emphasized that while there was disagreement over some of the sugya’s intricacies and specifics, most commentators agreed on the basic concepts.

He eventually relocated to the Merkas Harav yeshiva. Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook chose him to lead a significant yeshiva at 25. Rabbi Sternberg is regarded as prominent in the study of study in yeshivas in the national religious stream.

He taught the elder class at the yeshiva over the years and specialized in study classes.

He received ordination from Rabbi Avraham Shapira in 1988 to become a rabbi and dean.

In addition to Beit Ell, Ohr Etzion, Ateret Yerushalayim, Maale Eliyahu, and Ateret Nehemia, Rabbi Sternberg also taught numerous other yeshivos.

Due to ideological disagreements with the Merkas Harav leadership, Rabbi Mordechai Sternberg and his twin brother Rabbi Amiel Sternberg left Merkas Harav and founded the Har Hamor yeshiva in 1997.

The yeshiva has produced many illustrious Talmidei Chachamim, many of whom are community rabbis and head yeshivos.

These individuals include Rav Moshe Bleicher, founder of Yeshivat Shavei Chevron, Rav Dani Izak, founder of Yeshivat Beit Orot, Rav Chaim Ganz, founder of Yeshivat Maale Eliyahu-Tel Aviv, Rabbi Chagai Londin,

In seven volumes of “Iyunim Mi’Shiurei Rav Mordechai,” Rabbi Sternberg’s shiurim have been published.

He also wrote several other sefarim.

Despite his infirmity, Rabbi Sternberg delivered shiurim in the yeshiva for the duration of his protracted illness.

At the Kotel, there was a sizable prayer vigil on Sunday for Rabbi Sternberg’s recovery.

To join in the prayers and davening for Rabbi Mordechai Ben Rivka, “my dear friend, one of the great leaders of Israel,” Rabbi Asher Weiss urged, “every Jew.”

At the Jerusalem yeshiva Har Hamor, Rabbi Sternberg will give a levaya at 11 a.m. May God bless his memory.


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