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Belz Institutions To Join Core Curriculum Under The Auspices Of Shas And Receive 100% Funding

By 08/21/2023 9:55 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The Belz chasidim are almost ready to include core curriculum subjects into their system and get 100% support from the government, which would be a significant step for the charedi educational system.

The Bnei Yosef network of Shas will initially be in charge of two Belz institutions, and they will receive all of the cash.

With around 9000 students across all of Belz’s educational institutions, the agreement is anticipated to be expanded.

Degel Hatorah, which had threatened to break up with Agudah before the last election over the potential inclusion of core curriculum courses, has taken a hit as a result of the Belz plan.

Prior to the election, Netanyahu stepped in and guaranteed money for Belz even if the school did not offer core curriculum courses; however, this promise was not kept in the current budget.

In order to avoid maintaining the link between the acceptance of such a curriculum and 100% funding, the Shas minister in charge of the education ministry, Chaim Biton, had previously delayed the inclusion of Belz in the core curriculum system.

However, following Aryeh Deri’s intervention, Shas will now be in charge of the Belz institutions.

The Bnei Yosef network has yet to formally respond to the initiative, but the Education Ministry welcomed the program and stressed that it will include thorough supervision from the Bnei Yosef system supervisors.

The Ashkenazi students will now be under the auspices of the “Organization of Talmudei Torah for the Heritage of Eastern Jewry.”


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