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Ben Shapiro is criticized by Yossi Gestetner for having a “Loser Mindset”

By 01/08/2023 5:46 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Yossi Gestetner has been defending the “Brigade” of conservative holdouts who refused to back Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker during a days-long Twitter outburst.

The Chassidic political commentator also attacked Bill O’Reilly, Ben Shapiro, and other pundits, branding them as “losers” who submit to authority and hate conflict.

Additionally, Gestetner has been reposting previous tweets in which he blasted Shapiro for readily accepting false media narratives despite a lack of supporting data that are ultimately disproved.

Gestetner has strongly backed the holdouts over the past week, joking that they gave in to McCarthy too quickly.

Using Bill O’Reilly as an example, he tweeted on Motzei Shabbos: “Former Conservative Hero on Fox’s evening line up is denouncing the Brigade just as Shapiro and many other prominent conservatives did because Stockholm Syndrome Suffering Losers are Conservatives.

Cons only enjoy complaining and are not interested in fighting or winning.

On Friday, Gestetner criticized Shapiro for having a “loser mindset” and avoiding topics where conservatives could make a compelling case.

“The Ben Shapiro who tweeted how/why Republicans ought to escape from various concerns (including inflation!!! ), kept howling against the Speaker Revolt,” he said. It’s a losing attitude, and conservatives are losers. That is why within 72 hours, 14 members of the House Freedom Caucus changed their minds.

Yossi presents a compelling case.

When Americans had trouble paying for gas and essential groceries in 2022, the inflation problem alone should have been enough to spark a significant red wave.

Some conservatives avoided these discussions rather than bashing Biden and other Democrats.

Democrats could concentrate on Trump, abortion, and January 6th.

Additionally, Gestetner has been reposting older tweets in which he criticized Shapiro for relying on false media narratives like the Covid disinformation and the Brett Kavanaugh allegation.

In October last year, he tweeted a link to an article in which Shapiro is reported admitting he was misled about the Covid vaccine’s efficacy.

“Once again, this genius bought and sold media narratives just as he did against Kavanaugh and also regarding the #BidenRaidOnTrump: After advocating for the COVID-19 vaccination for over a year, Ben Shapiro says he was deceived: “We were lied to by everyone,” Gestetner wrote sarcastically in response.”

He continued, I don’t understand @benshapiro’s assertion that the media misled him about COVID.

“Many of the things he now notices and what media/CDC acknowledge now were credibly claimed by sane people early on BACKED BY AVAILABLE DATA, yet he dismissed them all and agreed with media; AGAIN,” he said.



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