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Beri Weber With A Vocal Cover “Eifo Kulam”

By 04/19/2023 2:21 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

As the child of Holocaust survivors, Eifo Kulam holds a special place in my heart. In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day, I am honored to share a warm and heartfelt Sefira version of this song, featured on my latest album, Korban. Witnessing our family growing and thriving in Torah, stronger than ever, this song embodies resilience and the strength of our current and future generations. We claim victory and are proud to be Jewish, standing stronger now more than ever. As a kid, I always admired the compositions of Yossi Green while listening to the albums of MBD, Avraham Fried, and Dedi. When I began pursuing my singing career, I dreamed of having a Yossi Green hit. I sat with him many times, patiently waiting for the right one, like a shidduch that has to be Bashert. The perfect opportunity remained elusive until one evening when my good friends, Yoely Polatseck and Gershy Schwarcz, sat with him and farbrenged. During the conversation, Yossi brought up this song, and they both exclaimed, “This song is meant for Beri Weber!” Yossi agreed, saying, “No one could deliver this song better than Beri Weber.” With that, Yossi himself reached out to me to offer this masterpiece. Eifo Kulam carries a message of hope, celebrating our people’s resilience. The lyrics ask, “Eifo Kulam?” – Where is everyone? Our answer: we are here, stronger than ever! To create this beautiful Sefira version, I turned to Moishe Roth, who suggested Yonatan Stern, an acapella maestro who skillfully helped me arrange the song. Embrace the spirit of Eifo Kulam’s Sefira version and let it warm your heart with hope and courage. Share it with loved ones, and together, let us stand tall and declare, “Here we are, and we’re stronger than ever!”


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