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Bernie Sanders declares his support for Joe Biden’s reelection

By 04/25/2023 8:15 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont announced on Tuesday that he would not run for office again but would support President Joe Biden’s reelection.

The prominent progressive who was Joe Biden’s main challenger in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary said to The Associated Press that he would “do everything I can to see the president is reelected.”

“The last thing this country needs is a Donald Trump or some other right-wing demagogue who is going to try to undermine American democracy or take away a woman’s right to choose, or not address the crisis of gun violence, or racism, sexism, or homophobia,” Sanders said in a recent interview.

Thus, I will do everything I can to ensure the president’s reelection.

Even though surveys indicate that Americans in both parties do not want Biden to run again, he declared his intention to run for a second term on Tuesday.

The victor of the competitive Republican primary, which includes former President Donald Trump and twelve less well-known conservatives, will confront the Democratic president.

For most of the year, Sanders had left the door open for him to run again. He announced on Tuesday that he would not run and urged other well-known progressive contenders to do the same.

Even though progressives aren’t overly enthusiastic about Biden, his choice signals that the Democratic Party’s progressive wing will ultimately unite behind his run for president in 2024.

Regarding further potential primary obstacles, Sanders remarked, “People will do what they want to do.” “Joe Biden will probably be the Democratic nominee, in my opinion.

And it is my responsibility—as well as the progressive movement’s—to see that he speaks out for the nation’s working class and refuses to take anything for granted.

Additionally, Sanders’ choice indicates that he will never run for president again at age 81.

Before his adversaries united behind Joe Biden’s bid for the presidency, the silver-haired democratic socialist with a thick Brooklyn accent emerged as a critical progressive voice in the 2016 presidential race.

He was in a position to win the nomination for president in 2020.

Sanders announced he would not run for president again, choosing instead to lead the Senate Committee on Health, Education,

Labor and Pensions, where he will continue to advocate for progressive policies and support the creation of new unions.

Sanders remarked, “Running for president was a fantastic privilege. “I really enjoyed it, and I think we made a difference in American politics.

However, as chairman of the (Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions) committee, my current responsibility is to do all I can to ensure that Biden is reelected and to see what I can do to change American policy to serve the needs of workers better.


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