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Biden Approval Dips Near Lowest Point

By 03/23/2023 1:18 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Since a month ago, President Joe Biden’s approval has marginally decreased, approaching the lowest point of his term as his administration struggles to project stability while dealing with two bank collapses and stubbornly high inflation.

This is supported by a recent poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which reveals that Biden’s support has fluctuated slightly over the past few months. In the most recent poll, 38% of respondents said they approved of the president, down from 45% in February and 41% in January.

Last July, as the full impact of rising food, gas, and other prices started to strike American households, his approval ratings fell to their lowest point of his presidency, to 36%.

Biden’s approval rating had been above 40% in recent months.

According to interviews with survey respondents, Biden is anticipated to declare his reelection run by this summer, although the public appears to have mixed opinions about him.

People rarely exhibit the extremes of unwavering loyalty and ferocious hatred toward the president that have characterized this era’s fractured politics.

Andrew Dwyer, 30, described his opinion of Biden as “neutral toward approve.” “I don’t think he does the best job of expressing my views and problems. Nonetheless, I am aware that the presidency requires concessions.

Data analyst Dwyer from Milwaukee claimed to be a lefty and to have voted for the president in 2020. He admitted that the Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank had recently failed, but he asserted that the economy is adjusting to the higher interest rates that the Federal Reserve has set to fight inflation.

We all became accustomed to low-cost loans and having access to unlimited resources, according to Dwyer. Notwithstanding the “pain points” brought on by higher borrowing prices, he believes the process will “ultimately” result in a more robust economy.

The president has made significant efforts to strengthen the US economy, including investing in infrastructure, supporting the production of computer chips, and raising corporate taxes starting in 2021.

Democrats under 45 have lower popularity ratings for Biden, which hurts his standing. Compared to 72% of Democrats over 45, only 54% of Americans think the president is doing a good job leading the economy.

Similarly, just 66% of Democrats under the age of 45 support Biden overall, compared to 85% of Democrats over the age of 45.

The poll reveals that only a quarter of Americans believe the country is moving in the right direction or that the national economy is strong. For the past few months, those figures have likewise just marginally changed.


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