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Biden Confirms Americans Among Hostages Captured in Israel

By 10/10/2023 5:33 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


As he denounced the militant organization for the “sheer evil” of its horrifying weekend attack on Israel, President Joe Biden acknowledged on Tuesday that Americans are among the hostages taken by Hamas.

Biden, who linked the brutality of the Hamas fighters to that of the Islamic State terrorist group, stated, “Our hearts may be broken, but our resolve is clear.” Let there be no ambiguity, he added.

Israel is supported by the United States. We’ll ensure that the democratic and Jewish state of Israel can defend itself as we always have, both today and tomorrow.

Biden also noted how it affected Americans. According to him, there are now 14 American citizens who have been proven dead in the conflict, an increase from the previously reported 11 victims.

Officials from the United States warned that the death toll could rise further because 20 Americans are still missing.

There is no defense for terrorism. There is no justification, as Biden stated. “Hamas opposes the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination and dignity. Their avowed goals are the assassination of Jews and the destruction of the state of Israel. Palestinian people are used as human shields by them.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spoke on the phone early on Tuesday to discuss the developing situation. In response to the attack, Biden described the steps he and other partners have taken to help Israel.

He also expressed his dismay at the “sickening” stories of civilians being tortured by militants. Since Hamas began its attacks, Biden has frequently emphasized his shock at the breadth and brutality of the organization’s assault—a land, sea, and air blitz that caught both Israeli and American intelligence services off guard and that has killed hundreds of Israelis and injured many more.

The blockaded, 141-square-mile Gaza Strip, one of the world’s poorest regions, has seen hundreds of Palestinians killed and injured as a result of Israeli retaliatory strikes.

As Israel bombarded Gaza with airstrikes and forced tens of thousands of Palestinians to escape into the U.N. territory, it was anticipated that the death toll would rise. shelters.

According to Biden, he has ordered his staff to share information and military expertise with Israel for consultation and advice. He warned his enemies once more not to take advantage of the unrest.

Let me reiterate that to any nation, organization, or anyone considering exploiting the situation, Biden said. “I only have one word: Don’t.”


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