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Biden Wants Skverer Rebbe To Endorse Maloney

By 10/26/2022 12:14 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

President Biden met with the Skverer Rebbe on Monday in an unprecedented exchange and requested that his chasidim support local lawmaker Sean Maloney in the upcoming midterm elections.

The president highlighted that he was working with the region’s present elected authorities and that they had “an open door” to his office if they needed anything as he said, “You will always have an open the door to my administration.”

Maloney is seeking reelection to the 17th congressional district of New York, but Republican Michael Lawler, who enjoys significant support in the district’s Rockland County, is a formidable opponent.

The district is home to New Square, the gathering place for Skver chasidim, who might decide between the two candidates.

The president is attempting to personally assist Democratic representatives because it is anticipated that the Democrats will lose their majority in the Senate and Congress during the November elections.

According to reports of the encounter, the Skver Rebbe thanked the president for his assistance in defending and assisting Ukraine and saving its citizens from the Russian invasion.

The rebbe claimed to have a special bond with the area where his ancestors lived, where some of their shuls still stand, and where they are interred.

The president added that his grandpa had asked him “not simply to recall belief in G-d but to transmit it as well” and that he knew New Square mayor Yisrael Moshe (Izzy) Spitzer personally and had gotten the blessings of the rebbe through Spitzer.

Biden emphasized his long-standing friendship with Israeli authorities and career-long support for Israel.


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