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Biden’s inaction as Middle East violence escalates, according to the Palestinian Foreign Minister, is weak”

By 08/03/2023 2:44 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


As violence between Israel and the Palestinians reaches its highest levels in almost two decades, the Palestinian Foreign Minister slammed the Biden administration on Thursday, branding it ineffective and apathetic in the Middle East.

Palestinian dissatisfaction with the United States was evident in Riad Malki’s remarks. President Joe Biden, who at first received praise from Palestinians when he disapproved of the Trump administration’s overtly pro-Israel posture,

But Biden hasn’t done anything to implement that idea so far. Malki said, “I’m frustrated,” to the Foreign Press Association’s members, which is a group that represents foreign media outlets in Israel and the Palestinian territories. It appeared that Biden intended to reverse all of Trump’s decisions regarding policy, but not when it came to Palestine.

The Palestinian Authority is facing what analysts believe to be its greatest existential threat as a result of pressure from the far-right government of Israel, growing Arab isolation, and a lack of resources.

The proliferation of Jewish settlements, the escalation of Israeli military incursions in the West Bank that have murdered an increasing number of Palestinians, and the ongoing Israeli occupation’s everyday abuses, according to Malki, have all been addressed by the Biden administration in a tepid manner.

He also criticized Biden for failing to stop the Trump administration from enacting a number of policies that the Palestinians believed threatened their bid for statehood. He claimed that when it comes to Palestine, the U.S. government is weak.

The American consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem, which was shut down under President Donald Trump, has not yet been reopened.

Trump also ordered the closure of the Palestinian diplomatic presence in Washington, and it is still closed.

Additionally, neither the Trump administration’s decision to legitimize Israeli settlements nor any other actions that deviated from long-standing U.S. positions on Jerusalem have been reversed by the U.S. State Department.

We reconnected with the administration in the hopes that they would have the fortitude to take action, Malki added.

No, they didn’t. Under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right cabinet, which includes hard-line Jewish settlement leaders who are openly antagonistic to the Palestinian Authority, Malki confessed he had no hope that long-stalled peace negotiations would resume.

According to him, the Palestinians have thought of using China as a potential alternative diplomatic power on the international scene in the absence of American efforts to mediate peace in the region.

Earlier this summer, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met in Beijing to discuss efforts to find a two-state solution to the issue.

Why not involve China in peace discussions if they take place in the future, which I doubt? Malki remarked. China is sending out signs that it wants to assist.

The Biden administration is attempting to normalize ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Last week, his national security adviser traveled to the country to meet with the influential Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, among others, formed diplomatic ties with Israel in 2020, which infuriated Palestinian officials and placed them on the defensive politically.

Malki hoped that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t follow suit in arranging an agreement that would elevate Israel’s standing in unheard-of ways. I hope the Saudis will not cave in to any intimidation or coercion from the Biden administration, the man stated.


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