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Biden’s proposal to cancel $400 billion in student loans was rejected by the Supreme Court

By 06/30/2023 1:10 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


The Biden administration overstepped its bounds in attempting to forgive or decrease student loans for millions of Americans, the Supreme Court’s closely split majority declared on Friday.

The $400 billion plan, unveiled by President Joe Biden last year, was effectively destroyed by the 6-3 ruling, which had conservative justices in the majority.

Borrowers are now responsible for repayments, which are anticipated to commence by late summer.

The court ruled that before implementing such a pricey scheme, the government requires Congress’ approval.

Arguments that the HEROES Act, a student loan regulation bill passed by both parties in 2003, provided Biden with the authority he asserted, were rejected by the court.

The Heroes Act does not permit the debt cancellation scheme, according to six states that filed a lawsuit. We concur,” Chief Justice John Roberts said in a court document.

The majority of the court, according to Justice Elena Kagan and the court’s two other liberals in dissent, “overrides the combined judgment of the Legislative and Executive Branches, with the consequence of eliminating loan forgiveness for 43 million Americans.

According to a plan that was first established by the government and included in the deal to increase the debt ceiling, loan repayments should start up again by the end of August.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic more than three years ago, payments have been suspended.

For people making less than $125,000 or living in families generating less than $250,000 in income, the forgiveness program would have eliminated $10,000 in student loan debt.

An additional $10,000 in debt would have been forgiven for Pell Grant winners, who often show greater financial need.

According to the government, 26 million individuals had requested assistance, and 43 million would have qualified.

Over a 30-year period, the cost was projected to be $400 billion.


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