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Big Rally In Bnei Brak Against ‘Damage Caused By Technology’

By 10/27/2022 11:31 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A sizable rally was conducted in Bnei Brak to increase public awareness of the risks posed by technology.

This annual event has grown in popularity and the number of attendees.

This year, thousands of people attended the event, sponsored by the Avreichim organization “Om Ani Chomah,” which is run by Rabbi Zvi Meir Zilberberg.

The risks of technology to persons who believe in God were the subject of Rabbi Zilberberg’s emotional speech.

To join Om Ani Chomah, a sizable group of persons present signed pledges promising to limit their internet use and other technologies.

Thousands of people attended, and they represented all facets of Israeli life. Special translation services were offered to those who did not speak Yiddish.

Rabbi Zilberberg frequently related tales of individuals whose level of religious observance had declined due to employing various technology tools.

Because of a variety of factors, smartphones and tablets are now widely used, even in chareidi society, according to Rabbi Zilberberg.

He claimed they threatened Klal Yisrael’s future and ought to be denounced.

The Nedarim Plus devices used in shuls to permit donations to the shuls can be hacked, and many of them have already been, according to Rabbi Zilberberg, who issued a warning about this.

He blasted teachers and Mashgichim for owning such devices and insisted they should serve as role models for their kids.

Those who resist temptation, Rabbi Zilberberg said, will soon be able to embrace Moshiach in purity, knowing that they overcame their Yetzer Hara.


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