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Bobov Hosts Major Business Expo In Borough Park

By 11/02/2021 6:40 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A large crowd attended the Vaad Ezer L’Parnosah of Bobov’s second annual business expo in Boro Park on Sunday. Fifty businesses of all types, from retail stores, to accounting firms and everything in between, had separate booths where they all had the brief opportunity to explain what their company does.

It was interesting to see how people are united to help one another with commercial ideas and share contact information.
All of the businesses are owned and run by yeshiva graduates who have established successful businesses and are looking to help others follow in their footsteps.

The expo drew the attention of various officials including Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, Democratic nominee for Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, Councilman Kalman Yeger, District Leader David Schwartz, District Manager Barry Spitzer, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzales, Assistant Commisioner for the Mayor’s CAU Pinny Ringel and Community Leader Joel Eisdorfer, they were all welcomed by Rabbi Joel Rosenfeld, Director of Government Affairs for Bobov Community, who was one of the organizers of the successful event.

District Attorney Gonzalez expressed his positive experience in a tweet “Over the weekend, I attended the @CentralBobov Business Expo. Thank you to Rabbi Joel Rosenfeld and the Bobov community for organizing an amazing event to display local businesses and efforts to create jobs here in Brooklyn.”

Similar feelings were conveyed by Antonio Reynoso, who’s likely to win the Brooklyn Borough President on Tuesday, who tweeted how delighted he was to attend an event where Chassidic business entrepreneurs, all of whom are yeshiva graduates, create new career opportunities for their fellow community members.

In a statement to Yidinfo, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein also praised the event saying – “I was amazed at the wide range of businesses that participated at the Bobov Business Expo, I spent time walking the aisles and stopping at many booths. This was a great opportunity for people in the community to connect, to network, and share their expertise.”

City Council Member Kalman Yeger said, “I’m so proud of the successful entrepreneurship of our local businesses. Being able to help showcase our community success stories to the wider world gives me incredible nachas and is another wonderful part of representing our vibrant Borough Park community.

I’m so glad that Councilman Antonio Reynoso, Brooklyn’s next Borough President, was able to experience firsthand the successful start-started businesses represented at the Business Expo. Antonio is amongst the more thoughtful members of the City Council and his desire to learn more about our community and the challenges facing small businesses in New York City is yet another sign of how hard he’s working to hit the ground running when he takes office in January.”

District Leader David Schwartz commented – “I saw our community members coming together to help each other, that’s what our community is: we share successes, and use that success to help others. We often see people in the same fields, generously working together. I’m very grateful for the organizers for bringing this amazing project together.”


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