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Body Of Druze Israeli Murdered By Masked Gunmen In Jenin Returned To His Family

By 11/24/2022 12:37 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The body of Druze patient Tiran Pero, who was allegedly murdered after being kidnapped from a Jenin hospital, has been returned to his family, according to an IDF spokesman, who announced on Thursday morning.

Security forces and the PA security establishment worked tirelessly to mediate the situation.

His family received the body, which was being detained by armed Islamic Jihad fighters, via a Red Crescent ambulance.

The family received assistance from Brig.-Gen. Ghassan Elian, the head of the civil administration in the area, and Gen. Ghassan Elian, coordinator of activities in Judea and Samaria. goodbye, Attila. Both officers are IDF Druze soldiers at the highest levels.

Also exerting pressure on the kidnappers to release the bodies were the US and the UN.

The IDF’s announcement that all checkpoints in the Gilboa region would be shut down for the weekend would result in significant economic losses for locals, according to security officials, marked a turning point in the negotiations.

The kidnappers finally consented to release the body after being pressured by the PA; they had mistaken him for an IDF soldier even though he was a student in his 12th year.

It had been a “very long night,” according to Pero’s uncle Edi, who thanked everyone who had contributed to the situation’s resolution and who had returned Pero’s body “so that we can respectably separate from him and carry him to burial in Daliat El-Carmel.”

The return of Pero’s body was the “least that we can do to bring consolation to his house,” according to Prime Minister Lapid, who also expressed his sympathies to his family.

Benny Gantz, Israel’s defense minister, commended the Palestinian Authority for securing Pero’s release, saying that it was “a fundamental humanitarian gesture following a horrible and barbaric conduct,” however he did not specify what sanctions would be applied to the kidnappers.

Druze protesters had staged violent demonstrations on Wednesday, blocking up main thoroughfares and expressing threats to travel to Jenin armed with weapons to free Pero’s body, who had died in a road accident while traveling to Jenin to service his car.

According to media accounts, Druze kept three Arabs from Hevron and one from Jenin hostage while demanding the return of Pero’s body.

Later, the Arabs were freed.

“I and my kid traveled directly to the hospital when we learned what had happened,” Pero’s father claimed.

They gave him good care, and things were looking up for him when 20 armed guys arrived and abducted him right before me.

They entered the operating room and removed him, which indicates that they killed him.

Even though he was seriously ill yet stable, it was already too late when they took him.

Then, as if to celebrate and be proud of their deed, we heard firing.


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