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BOMBSHELL: Nicole Malliotakis Previous Ties to Terror Sympathizer Linda Sarsour Shocks Jewish Community

By 11/07/2022 1:11 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

It was Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour who first called for Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis to jump into the NY-11 race on the Conservative line. The two were close friends, as reflected in numerous tweets over the years, including one about dancing together and a happy birthday tweet from Sarsour to Malliotakis. Sarsour, a much-reviled personality due to her unfettered support of terrorists and virulent anti-Semitic activities, even made two campaign donations to Malliotakis.

It wasn’t until one week before Malliotakis announced her candidacy for Republican mayor that she made a public showing in 2017 of denouncing Sarsour. Her transparent action was called out by her own Republican colleagues. The now popular Assemblyman Mike Lawler, who is running for Congress in NY-17, tweeted much of the same as Malliotakis scrambled to distance herself from being associated with Sarsour.

What is so bad about Linda Sarsour that Malliotakis felt the need to make a public show of returning donations and denounce Sarsour as a divisive figure she doesn’t agree with?

Sarsour’s support of violence and terror is constant and includes her praise of suicide bombings, car rammings, stabbings, bus bombs, and other attacks on Israelis—as “invaluable on many fronts”. She warmly endorsed the murderer Rasmea Odeh, who was convicted of the murder of two college students in a supermarket bombing in Israel. She also tweeted her open admiration in 2015 of Palestinian youths throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers as “the definition of courage.”

Sarsour is also known for having vilified candidate Max Rose (NY-11) in a number of tweets where she bad-mouthed him in 2020. This was after she considered running in a primary against him in 2019.

Sarsour has become such a controversial figure that in December of 2018, her public appearance at the Chicago Women’s March was canceled due to her constant Jew-hatred. Sarsour publicly named Imam Saraj Wahhaj as her “favorite person in this room”. She calls him a “mentor, motivator, and encourager” of hers and says he taught her to speak truth to power. Sarsour’s mentor, Wahhaj, is the son of one of the 1993 co-conspirators of the World Trade Center bombing and a character witness for the Blind Sheik. In 2018 Wahhaj was in charge of a New Mexico compound built to train children to carry out school shootings.

This is the man who taught Sarsour to speak truth to power, and this is the woman that Malliotakis kept up a relationship with and only dropped because such a friendship would be political suicide. And now Malliotakis, who has shown her true colors when it comes to showing who her friends are, is running for office again. The question is – did she drop her association with Sarsour fast enough for any of us?


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