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Boy, 15, dies subway surfing on a train crossing Manhattan’s Williamsburg Bridge

By 02/21/2023 11:53 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to cops, a 15-year-old boy died while subway-surfing on top of a train as it crossed the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan while his girlfriend gasped in fear.

At about 6:45 p.m., the J train began thundering over the East River.

While walking between railway cars on Monday with his girlfriend, Zackery Nazario.

According to a police source, when Zackery ascended onto the train’s roof, his 17-year-old girlfriend only followed as far as to gaze over the edge.

Zackery was hit by a low beam and tipped between automobiles when he turned to look back at his girlfriend, according to the police.

He was struck by the train and passed away there and then.

On April 3, Zackery would have turned 16. He shared an East Village apartment with his mother, Norma Nazario.

Nazario, 51, claimed she had no idea her son would act so careless.

He was a wonderful young man, Nazario stated. “Really clever.

In ninth grade, he was. He seemed older than his years and had an old soul. Because of how he spoke to others, I often said he was about 15 going on 40. He would have the same speech as you and I.

Police allegedly informed Nazario of Zackery’s passing when they arrived at her apartment around 10 p.m.

She explained, “They just knocked on the door and asked if they might come in to talk to me. “I already knew when the detective held my hand.”

After receiving a money-related FaceTime request from her son, she last spoke to him that afternoon. He went to the Clinton School, a nearby public high school, for his education.

They had a winter break, so he went out with his girlfriend yesterday, Nazario stated. “They were off for the entire week. They proceeded to explore the region on Citi Bikes. back and forth motion. since I received the notification. Then, I believe they simply chose to travel to Brooklyn”.



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