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BREAKING: 1 Murdered, 18 Injured, 3 Seriously, In Two Terror Explosions At Jerusalem Bus Stops

By 11/23/2022 6:06 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

In two blasts on Wednesday morning, 19 people were hurt, and one dead Israeli.

The first one happened at a bus stop close to the Jerusalem exit. Eight persons were broken, including two seriously hurt, by the explosive device concealed in a suitcase left at the bus stop.

One of the injured passed away in the hospital from his injuries. Many other folks experienced panic attacks.

Aryeh Shachopak, a 16-year-old American from Har Nof, was eventually identified as the deceased.

He traveled with his companion Elchanan, who had also sustained significant injuries, to the Beit Meir yeshiva ketana.

Pray for Chaim Nachum ben Feiga Rivka and Elchanan ben Livnat.

A little while later, a second explosive detonated beside the Ramot intersection bus stop, slightly injuring three persons.

The bus stop was less crowded than usual because several buses had just left with passengers on board.

In anticipation of further explosive devices being concealed in other locations, police set up barricades and increased awareness.

Police, special forces, and Shin Bet agents are seeking out the terrorists who allegedly planted the booby-trapped devices and remotely manipulated them.

According to the police, both explosives originated from the same terrorist cell.

According to the preliminary information on the incident, a suspect came to the bus stop at the entry of Jerusalem, where he planted an explosive device on a nearby fence.

The device exploded a short while afterward.

As soon as I boarded, there was a massive explosion, and everyone fled.

I ran since I was unaware of anything.

One of the four badly injured patients sent to Shaarei Tzedek hospital ultimately died from his injuries.

Six injured persons were admitted to Hadassah Hospital, five of whom were in light condition, and one was in moderate condition.

The Ramot intersection explosion left three individuals in Hadassah Har Hatzofim with minor injuries.

The victims had a variety of severe injuries in addition to blast wounds.


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