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BREAKING IN HAIFA, ISRAEL: At least 59 people injured in suspected arson attack by local Arabs.

By 05/13/2021 2:05 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

At least 59 people were injured in an alleged arson attack in city Heifa of Israel.

MDA, the local EMS in Israel say that they have treated at least 59 people, most for smoke inhalation, in the City Heifa, after a parking lot filled with a number of cars were set abalaze by local Arabs on the Ahavas Yisroel Street in Heifa shortly after 4:00 Am local time.

CCTV footage shows how local Arabs maliciously set the parking lot abalaze.

The parking lot fulled with cars is reported to be in between two 9-story buildings where neighbors say that at least 350 kids live in these 2 buildings.

Emt’s and Paramedics have treated 10’s of people and have transported a number of people, including woman and young children, to the Bnai Tzion and Rambam Hospital.

In a statement by Bnai Tzion Hospital, the Hospital said they are treating 20 patients for smoke inhalation – 13 children and 7 adults are being treated in the Hospitals emergency room, while Rambam Hospital continues to treat the rest of the patients.

Police are investigating after the arson attack was caught on CCTV footage showing how local Arabs intentionally set the cars on fire by spraying gasoline before fleeing the scene.

Pictures of the scene show where Talis and Tefillin that were left in a car were burned and completely damage after the car was set abalaze.

Video footage from the scene in Heifa, where the parking lot is on flames.
Talis and Tefillin destroyed from the fire.


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