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Burglars Call 911 for Assistance Moving Items

By 01/03/2023 6:42 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

According to authorities, two people were detained in Florida after one of them dialed 911 to ask for assistance moving their possessions out of a house they were robbing.

No one was home when deputies arrived after receiving a 911 call on Saturday, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

When the deputies arrived at the house, they thought it was empty; nevertheless, after breaking in through an unlocked door, they discovered a male suspect and his girlfriend inside.

According to a statement from the sheriff’s office, deputies had been looking for the male suspect after recognizing him on security footage as a thief at a Dollar General shop in Poinciana, Florida, where many things had been stolen earlier in the day.

Poinciana is roughly 35 km away.

The female suspect admitted to authorities that she had dialed 911 so that they could get assistance moving their items out of the house they were robbing.

According to the sheriff’s office, they also sought a ride to the airport to spend the weekend in New York.

Sheriff’s office: “Deputies DID help them with their bags and give them a ride, but it wasn’t to the airport… it was to the Polk Pokey.”

“And they’re free to stay there for the entire weekend. In any case, The Polk Pokey is far superior to New York.

The male suspect was accused of shoplifting, burglary, and theft in connection with the store.

According to the sheriff’s office, the female suspect was charged with burglary of a residence.



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