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Canada Wildfires Lead To Air-quality Alerts In Northeastern Us

By 06/07/2023 8:15 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The Northeastern United States is engulfed in a dystopian haze brought on by intense Canadian wildfires that have made the sky yellowish gray and the air bitter. Vulnerable people have been advised to stay indoors.

As far afield as New York City and New England might experience the impact of hundreds of wildfires sweeping through the western provinces to Quebec, obliterating skylines and aggravating throats.

U.S. agencies issued air quality warnings. The Great Lakes region experienced hazy weather and wildfire smoke from Cleveland to Buffalo.

In the late afternoon on Tuesday, the hazy cloud hanging over New York City for most of the day intensified, blocking views of New Jersey across the Hudson River and giving the setting sun the appearance of a crimson orb.

The lavender haze increased as evening fell in the Philadelphia region.

Brooklyn residents Sal and Lilly Murphy compared the burning smell to a bonfire.

They claimed that they could even smell the smoke inside a Manhattan restaurant.

When they stepped outside, they noticed a sky that appeared to be about to storm but did not produce any rain. Lilly covered her face with a mask.

Sal Murphy stated, “It’s a little frightening.

Although the smoke from the fires has been drifting through the northeastern U.S. states for weeks, it has only become apparent.

Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York said the cloudy skies on Tuesday “were hard to miss,” while Mayor Eric Adams of New York City urged citizens to limit outdoor activities “to the absolute necessities.”

Since last month, smoke from wildfires in Canada has been spreading into the US. The most recent fires in Quebec have been blazing for at least a few days.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, smoke will linger for a few days in northern states and cause cloudy skies, decreased visibility, and the smell of burning wood.


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