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Canadian Techie Shares Smart Tip That Can Prove Facebook Is Spying On You

By 11/24/2021 7:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After a swathe of hearings, whistleblower accounts, and investigative news reports, if you still have doubts about whether Facebook is spying on you, here’s how to get the first-hand details.

TikTok star Morten Rand Hendriksen shared a brilliant tip with his 11,000 followers that proves once and for all that the social media app isn’t secretly listening to its users. According to Morten, who posts on TikTok under the username @mor10web, there’s an easy way to check if the app is snooping on you.

Source: Github

To try it out for yourself, Morten states in the video, “Grab a friend or family member and make an agreement to talk about a product or service any time you’re together. You could pick “oat milk,” for example, or an online clothing store.

You can only talk about that product or service when you and your accomplice are together and when no one else is listening, said Morten, a web designer and developer who has plenty of experience in software. Keep your phones close enough to you that, if Facebook was listening through the microphones, they’d be able to pick up your conversation.

During the test period, you must also avoid interacting with any website or social media posts related to the subject you’ve chosen. That means no liking on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or TikTok or anywhere else that mentions anything to do with this product. What you’ll discover is, as long as you’re just talking about it, the product doesn’t show up in ads.

If ads don’t show up for several weeks despite the two of you engaging in multiple conversations, you can then try to make a related ad appear. To do this, have one person perform online searches and interact with social media posts related to the product. See how long it takes for related ads to show, and then have the other person do the same. Your conversations are ignored, but the moment you do some kind of text input, everything shows up immediately.”


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