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Charedi Rabbonim and Admorim Meet With Meron Project Manager To Plan Safe Lag B’omer Celebration

By 01/31/2022 3:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After the tragic incident in Meron last year, the Project Manager assigned to handle the Lag B’omer celebration this year has the responsibility of balancing the desires conveyed by Charedi leaders with the need to maintain the highest degree of safety for the massive crowds. 

This week, Charedi Rabbonim and Admorim are to hold talks with Meron Project Manager Brigadier-General Tzviki Tessler to develop a safe and tragedy-proof plan for this year’s Lag B’omer celebration.

Tessler is meeting with Chassidishe leaders whose sects are hoping to hold bonfires–Toldos Aharon, Boyan, Toldos Avraham-Yitzchak, Karlin, Modhitz, Rachmastrivka, and Zvhil, in addition to Rav Rafael Abuchatzeira, and representatives of the Old Yishuv. Along with his associates, Tessler will be mainly aiming at presenting a concrete framework for this year’s celebration and bonfires.

Source: Times of Israel (Photo by David Cohen/Flash90)

According to a source close to the matter, “Tessler wanted to get a first-hand understanding of the Chasidic representatives and deliver their needs while combining the needs of the outline that he will present. His intention is to hold an open dialogue with the Admorim and Rabbonim in order for them to ascend to Har Meron on Lag B’Omer with their congregations.”

Speaking to Israeli reporters, Tessler said, “I have been given a sacred mission to organize the celebration and make sure that it takes place in the best and safest way. [This is] built on a dialogue with the Charedi public so that we can hold the celebration and ensure that the Charedi public can attend the Meron [festival] on Lag B’omer.”


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