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Child Thieves Terrorizing NYC Establishments

By 09/12/2023 6:52 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


In New York, a group of thieves has been picking off bars and other businesses

These thieves are unusual since they are all children under the age of ten. Owner of the Amsterdam Ale House, Jacob Rabinowitz, claimed to have seen one of the kids that robbed his customers in February while he was at the pub on West 76th Street this past weekend.

Outside his place of work, the kid was begging. According to Rabinowitz, who was quoted by the NY Post, the youngster threatened him before he was chased away and other businesses were warned.

The boy allegedly said, “The police can’t arrest me; I’m just a kid, in response to the pub owner’s warning that he would call the police. For months, the same three boys, who are 8 and 9, have been picking off companies in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

According to the Post, they have transitioned from robbing unattended sacks of cash to robbing cash from open safes.

The manager claims that in February, two of the boys assaulted a customer, took food off a table, and brandished a knife he had taken off a table.

A boy allegedly stole $600 in cash from an open safe on August 13 at Upside on Amsterdam near West 89th Street, according to police.
At 8:30 p.m. At Lexington Publick on Monday, a small burglar stole roughly $700 in cash from the safe.

The manager of Stone Street Tavern claimed that at first glance, they appeared to be regular kids selling chocolate while being accompanied by their mothers.

The guys will act like they’re going to the restroom downstairs. All of the employee-only offices and rooms are located there, the manager claimed. “And they immediately go for the employees’ handbags, bags, coats, wallets, or anything else they can find.

The manager described the scenario as “really, really sad” and claimed that no matter how many times they expel the kids, they always come back, sometimes the very next day.

In agreement with Rabinowitz, not much can be done. He claimed that a policeman had told him that.


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