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Children’s Book About Dangerous Instructors to Be Published by Libs of Tiktok

By 02/28/2023 11:36 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A children’s book written by Chaya Raichik, also known as Libs of TikTok, a conservative Twitter user with 1.9 million followers, aims to educate readers on the risks posed by predatory teachers.

The tale’s protagonist is a fictitious second grader named Rose the Lamb who must decide whether to put her faith in her parents or teacher.

Mr. Wooly, Rose’s new teacher, is more interested in handing out candy to pupils than teaching them to read and count.

The young lambs are also told not to inform their parents about the extra candy Mr. Wooly, for reasons that become clear once the children realize he is truly a wolf.

According to Raichik, “This book basically educates kids that keeping secrets from your parents is a big red flag if a trustworthy adult or an authority is encouraging you to.”

The March 14 publication date of the book “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern” suggests that it is suitable for young readers because it merely alludes to the risks that educators pose subtly.

According to Raichik, “This book basically educates children that if a trusted adult or authority is urging you to hide secrets from your parents, that is a big red flag.”

The book has “a modern twist to the well-known Grimm’s-style fairy tale, even incorporating a large scary wolf,” according to Brave Books.

“No More Secrets is a book every parent should have at home.

Trent Talbot, CEO of Brave Books, stated that we should instill trust rather than mistrust in the household.

The “dangers of concealing secrets from your parents” are discussed in Raichik’s new children’s book, which she sees as “the next step” in assisting parents and kids in recognizing “predatory behavior.”

Raichik has been tweeting TikTok videos of immoral liberals discussing gender identity and other cultural issues for the past few years.

She was initially unidentified until socialist journalist Taylor Lorenz last year revealed her identity.

She has even met President Trump at Mar-a-lago and appeared on Fox News. She is now embracing the limelight.


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