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Chinese EV Maker XPeng Unveils Plan To Launch Road-capable Flying Car in 2024

By 11/22/2021 7:00 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A future that might have flying cars is looking a lot closer to us than we thought- thanks to an astonishing new announcement by Chinese EV manufacturer XPeng. 

Revealing an out-of-this-world concept for a flying car, Chinese Electronic Vehicle maker XPeng set the automobile world into a frenzy on Sunday. With an even more shocking release date in 2024, the road-capable flying car concept is one you cannot miss. 

source: Dezeen (Xpeng)

During its annual 1024 Tech Day, where it showcases its latest innovations, the EV maker revealed the renderings of the unnamed electric flying vehicle, which is currently being developed by the company’s urban air mobility (UAM) affiliate HT Aero.

According to the renders, HT Aero’s flying car would be capable of functioning both in the skies and on the roads and will have a foldable dual rotor mechanism that converts it from a car to a flying machine. Furthermore, the vehicle will be equipped with a steering wheel for driving and a single lever for flight.

As per reports from global tech websites, the vehicle will also include an environmental perception system that can evaluate the surroundings and weather conditions to make sure it can take off and land safely at the desired destination. While it will be manually controlled, a perception and flight control algorithm will help the pilot to avoid obstacles during flight.

According to the popular tech portal TechCrunch, the car will be sold at a retail price of less than one million Chinese yuan ($1,53,120) and will go into production in 2024.


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