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Commander Of Islamic Jihad Rocket Force Eliminated In IDF Targeted Strike

By 05/11/2023 8:06 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

As a cease-fire in Gaza has yet to be implemented, and the Islamic Jihad has continued to launch rockets toward Israel, with approximately 500 launches by Thursday morning, Israel has responded with targeted precision attacks.

The IDF assassinated Ali Ghali, the chief of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization’s rocket launching squad in Gaza, early Thursday morning. During the episode, two additional terrorists with him in the flat were also eliminated.

According to the IDF, Ghali was tasked with teaching and firing rockets at Israel, including the recent barrage of missiles toward Israeli land as part of Operation “Shield and Arrow.”

During the “Guardian” operations, Ghali directed and participated in the launch of a barrage of rockets into Israel.

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, “a short while ago, IDF fighter jets targeted Ali Ghali, the commander of the rocket-launching force of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, who was in a hideout apartment in Khan Yunis.”

Approximately a quarter of the Islamic Jihad’s rockets failed to cross the Gazan border, and, like in past operations, some killed residents, including numerous children.

During one of the events, Varami Shadi Hamdan, aged 16, and Muhammad al-Shabaki, aged 51, from Beit Hanoun, was killed due to a failed rocket launch carried out by the terrorist organization.

A failed rocket launch by the local branch of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad in Gaza City resulted in the deaths of Lynn Balal Ubed Elsalam Loch, ten years old, and Yazen Juda Alian, 16 years old.


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