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Criticism Leveled at Hunter Biden for Using a Motorcade to Get to Court

By 07/27/2023 6:50 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Hunter Biden was driven to and from the Wilmington, Delaware, courthouse during his appearance in court as part of a now-defunct plea bargain deal. It was a surprisingly generous benefit for the president’s son, who is wanted for several crimes and is a very divisive figure, especially given that the White House prefers to refer to him as a “private citizen.

Six SUVs were used to escort Hunter Biden, which many thought was bizarre.

The purpose of the court hearing was to seal a contentious plea agreement for minor tax offenses and a felony handgun allegation.

After a disagreement between the prosecution and defense counsel over the likelihood of additional charges, that agreement fell through.

Many people criticized the motorcade on Twitter. Conservative analyst Stephen L. Miller tweeted, “Why Hunter Biden’s taxpayer-funded Secret Service motorcade only proves a father’s love for his son.

Seriously, Hunter Biden has a motorcade? Is that typical, or do they merely assist with moving his cocaine? “, tweeted one TikTok influencer.

Taxpayers just paid for Hunter Biden’s motorcade to arrive for his court appearance, where he’s anticipated to admit he didn’t pay his taxes, according to the article.

Breanna Morello, a producer at “The Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson,” wrote on Facebook that “The DOJ just spit in your face and told you it was raining.

Karine Jean-Pierre declined to discuss Hunter’s court appearance at her press conference on Wednesday because Hunter is a “private citizen,” she said.

“Hunter Biden is a private citizen, and he took this personally. As we’ve already stated, the president and the first lady adore their son and are there for him as he works to rebuild his life, she added.

As you are all aware, the Justice Department handled this investigation independently under the direction of a prosecutor chosen by the outgoing president, President Trump.


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