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Cuomo Warns of Severe Consequences Against ParCare’s Unauthorized Vaccine Administration

By 12/29/2020 10:30 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A day after the Hasidic-owned clinic chain ParCare was investigated against the administration of COVID-19 vaccines to the general public, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo promised severe consequences including revocation of medical licenses and a strict prosecution for whoever committed vaccine fraud.

“We will not tolerate any fraud in the vaccination process,” Cuomo said at a news conference Monday. “Anyone who engages in fraud is going to be held accountable. We want to send a clear signal to the providers that if you violate the law on these vaccinations, we will find out and you will be prosecuted.”

Source: CNN

The statement came after New York State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker announced a criminal investigation into ParCare Community Health Network, for potentially obtaining the vaccines “fraudulently” and administering them to members of the public who were not supposed to be inoculated according to the state-mandated distribution program. 

Meanwhile ParCare, even on Monday, maintained that it had obtained the vaccines appropriately, saying, “We are actively cooperating with the State of New York’s inquiries. Governor Cuomo himself stressed the importance of getting all the facts and providing the facts to the state is exactly what we have done and will continue to do.”

Source: Daily Mail

In another report, a Modern Orthodox rabbi who received the vaccine at a ParCare clinic said he had not been aware that the vaccines were administered improperly and that he would not have done it had he known the process was not above board. 

During the conference on Monday, in reaction to the fraudulent administration of the vaccine, Cuomo also announced he would sign an executive order that could make health providers who engage in vaccine-related fraud liable for fines of up to $1 million and could revoke state licenses. It was not immediately clear if the state would revoke providers’ general medical licenses or just licenses to administer the vaccine.


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