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Curtis Sliwa Promises to Roll Back Vaccine Mandates, Protect Jewish Communities

By 11/02/2021 11:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

“The first thing I would do on Jan. 2, if I am elected mayor of New York City, is roll back all these mandates,” said Curtis Sliwa, today on 13th Avenue, who said he is “an outer borough boy,” as he grew up in Brooklyn.

“You can rest assured that under a Sliwa administration, New York City would have no vaccine mandates for yourselves or your children,” said the Republican nominee, who then said that he would “hire back all the essential workers: the firefighters, the cops, the sanitation workers, the healthcare workers, and teachers, give them all of the back pay, and then have a special parade for all of them through the Canyon of Heroes.”

Sliwa has spoken out repeatedly against the they city’s vaccine mandates, which he called “incredibly oppressive” and an “insult to essential workers.”

“We have added insult to injury by firing them.”

In addition, Sliwa said that he felt that all the [safety and healthcare] volunteers were snubbed during the city’s first parade of heroes.

Sliwa said that the Guardian Angels, which have created hundreds of safety patrol groups in the city and worldwide, were asked to march, but, in Boro Park today, he pointed out that his group is not the only community volunteer group in the city.

“Here, in this Orthodox Jewish community, you have Hatzolah, Shomrim, and Shmira, who all were risking their lives and doing a great job during the lockdown.

“I want everyone who was on the streets helping people to be recognized the second time around.”

In addition to wanting to honor the volunteer first-responders, Sliwa pointed out that under the Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Democratic administration, New York City’s safety has decreased, while violent crimes have increased.

“The NYPD is under siege,” said Sliwa, who said that “as a close friend and defender of the Jewish community for the past 40 years, I’m uniquely qualified to represent you in City Hall.”
Sliwa said that he “sincerely understands the needs of the Jewish community.”

“Now more than ever, this city needs a mayor with a strong record of protecting and defending Jewish communities across New York State from anti-Semitic attacks and other violent crimes.

“One man can turn this city around: Curtis Sliwa.”


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