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Cyprus Hit Squad Leader Kidnapped by Mossad in Iran

By 06/30/2023 8:05 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Israel’s Mossad intelligence service revealed a covert Iranian operation that prevented a plan to assassinate Israelis in Cyprus on Thursday.

A plot by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to attack Israelis was thwarted earlier this week thanks to information supplied by the chief of the murder squad, whom the agents managed to apprehend in Iran.

Yusef Shahabazi Abbasalilu was the man’s name. He acknowledged throughout the inquiry that Israeli businesses were the reason he was transferred to Cyprus.

“The Mossad was able to seize the terror cell’s mastermind in a unique, risky mission inside Iranian territory, who then admitted [to the terror plot] in detail during his questioning, leading to the exposure and dismantling of the Cyprus terror cell,” the Mossad said.

Local media in Cyprus stated on Sunday that Cyprus intelligence stopped the attack after Cyprus officials received the information from the Mossad.

Abbasasulilu stated that the Revolutionary Guards gave him information about the target of the assassination and that an agent from their intelligence division dispatched him to Cyprus for the operation.

He had ties to a Pakistani organization that has carried out killings in the past in Cyprus.

A senior Mossad officer said, “We will get any party that promotes terrorism against Jews and Israelis everywhere in the world, including on Iranian soil.

The Islamic regime has publicly threatened to kill Jewish leaders throughout the world as well as Israelis.

According to a source from February, Iran was drawing up maps of Jews to kill in the event that Israel targeted its nuclear facilities.


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