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De Blasio Has “Given Up Working With Cuomo”, Wants Him To Get Out Of The Way

By 03/16/2021 9:00 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

A statement of sheer frustration was sounded by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio who claimed Monday that he had now given up working with controversy-stricken Governor Andrew Cuomo, suggesting that he must now “get the hell out of the way.” 

Fed up by the way Cuomo was putting up a fight shamelessly, despite the recent uproar against the Governor, de Blasio, speaking to NY1 on Monday evening said that the Big Apple will continue to function the way it does, despite the scandals that had befallen the Governor and his stance on staying his ground. 

Source: The NY Times

“We’ll keep going, but Gov. Cuomo should do everyone a favor and get the hell out of the way because it’s just not going to make it any better for him to stick around,” de Blasio said. Meanwhile, earlier yesterday, during an appearance on National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” de Blasio said of Cuomo,“I have tried for seven years and I learned long ago it doesn’t work because he doesn’t seek collaboration with others. I think that’s coming out more and more. Bottom line, I’m going to defend the people of New York City. If I have to do that very publicly, and if I have to challenge the governor, I will.”

“And I look forward to a governor I can work with in the future,” he said, hinting at the impeachment investigation which was authorized last week. Cuomo had previously said he would seek a fourth term in 2022 but last week refused to say if he was sticking with that plan.

Source: US News

Meanwhile, another storm is brewing for Cuomo, as state lawmakers from both sides are eyeing a probe of a Cuomo administration policy that quietly allows recovering COVID-19 patients to return to group homes for the developmentally disabled, similar to the nursing home fiasco. Senate Investigations Committee Chairman James Skoufis (D-Newburgh) said Monday he’s considering launching an inquiry after discussing the issue with GOP Sen. Mike Martucci (R-Middletown).

This being said, the White House on Monday claimed that President Biden won’t strip Gov. Andrew Cuomo of his role leading the nation’s weekly COVID-19 coordinating calls with governors, despite prominent New York Democrats calling on him to resign.



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