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De Blasio Orders Fines For Those Who Do Not Comply, Asks Protesters To Remain Peaceful,

By 10/08/2020 12:30 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Reacting to the wave of protests staged by the Orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn, Mayor Bill de Blasio took to acknowledge the fact that people may have disagreements but tried claiming that the restrictions were aimed at protecting health and safety. De Blasio also added that heavy fines would be imposed and NYPD officials will be made to act if the protests take violent turns.

“This is a democracy,” the mayor said, “and we appreciate that there are always going to be disagreements, but it is crucial that those who disagree still respect the fact that the state and city have made a decision for the health and safety of all.” The Mayor further states that protests were a part of a free and fair democracy, but in the vent that they may get violent, the NYPD would have no choice but to stop people from harming others.

Strongly expressing their disconcert to the new restrictions imposed on Orthodox communities, in particular, protesters took to the streets for the second consecutive night, primarily in the Borough Park premise. Condemning the actions of the Mayor and Governor in the discriminatory restrictions imposed on the Jewish communities in NYC, the demonstrators voiced their concerns.

Trying to get the community to comply with his plans, the Mayor also said, “For everyone who feels that the shutdown will be harmful or difficult for their lives, remember, we can overcome this quickly if we work together. We need to stop this outbreak dead in its tracks for the good of all of New York City. Remember: we need to do this to save lives. The farther the coronavirus spreads again, the more vulnerable people will be reached. We cannot let that happen.”
Warning protesters of the consequences and heavy tolls that might be imposed for hampering laws or disregarding guidelines, de Blasio said, “There will be no tolerance for assaults, for damage to property, for setting fires, and anything like that is unacceptable. When the NYPD makes clear to anybody that [he] needs to act in a way that is appropriate given the challenge we are facing, [he] must adhere to the instructions of the NYPD. If you don’t [adhere], as in every other situation in this city, there will be consequences. The NYPD will give people warnings, will make the ground rules clear. But people have to follow those ground rules, or else consequences come next.”

Amongst the order that has been passed with respect to the coronavirus law enforcement, fines of up to $15,000 per day can be charged for mass gatherings in violation of state laws. The mayor also mentioned fines as high as $1,000 per day given to people who refuse to wear face coverings or to maintain social distancing, after first being reminded and then given the opportunity.


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