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Deadly twister considered as among deadliest tornados in US history

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The monster tornadoes that swept across multiple states in the Central US overnight on Friday that left at least 70 dead are considered among the deadliest tornados in US history.

Based on the data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration there are already 25 tornadoes that killed 80 or more people since 1840.

Disaster officials said the death toll in the Friday tornadoes could rise as assessments are done in towns along the path of the twisters, which stretches for hundreds of miles through the Mississippi Valley from Arkansas north to Kentucky.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Audra Bruschi said the tornadoes are caused by unusually warm and wet air.

Bruschi said at the moment the agency could not yet confirm Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s statement that the tornado traveled more than 200 miles on the ground or how strong its winds were.

“Certainly the damage picture shows that it’s been pretty extensive,” Bruschi said.

“It will be several days before the determinations are complete,” Bruschi added.

Here’s a look at the deadliest tornadoes in US history:

1. March 18, 1925 – The Tri-State Tornado kills 695 as it crosses Missouri, southern Illinois, and southwestern Indiana.
2. May 6, 1840 – The Great Natchez Tornado kills 317 in Natchez, Mississippi.
3. May 27, 1896 – St. Louis-East St. Louis tornadoes kill 305 in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky.
4. April 5, 1936 – Tupelo, Mississippi tornado kills 216.
5. April 6, 1936 – Gainsville, Georgia, tornado kills 203.
6. April 9, 1947 – Woodward, Oklahoma, tornado kills 181.
7. May 22, 2011 – Joplin, Missouri, tornado kills 158.
8. April 24, 1908 – Amite, Lousiana, and Purvis, Mississippi, tornado kill 143.
9. June 12, 1899 – New Richmond, Wisconsin, tornado kills 117.
10. June 8, 1953 – Flint, Michigan, tornado kills 116.



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