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Dedi, a veteran Hasidic singer, dies at age 62

By 09/11/2023 4:04 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


After battling a terrible illness, Dedi Graucher, a well-known Hasidic superstar whose songs topped Jewish music charts in the 1990s, died Thursday at the age of 62.

Oded David Graucher’s career took off after the release of his album Ratza, which he co-wrote with Yossi Green and for which the over-nine-minute title tune established him as a household figure.

Throughout his career, he was the headlining act at numerous events, and tens of thousands of copies of his albums, which included Bitchu Bashem, Hakol Letova, Dedi and Yonatan, and Miami & Dedi, were sold.

In 1996, nearly 100,000 people attended what is regarded as the largest concert in Chasidic music history, which featured performances by Mordechai Ben David, Avraham Fried, and Graucher.

Over the Atlantic, Graucher’s appeal delighted music fans in both his own country, Israel, and the United States.

Around five years ago, when he got critically ill, prayers were requested on his behalf. Three months ago, when he was admitted to Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv, prayers increased once again.

On social media, word of the businessman-turned-singer’s death spread quickly. One of Graucher’s cousins, former Israeli ambassador David Friedman, referred to him as “one of Israel’s most accomplished and successful vocalists” and “a “Baal Chesed of immense proportions” on Twitter.

Friedman tweeted, “Most will never know of all his kind deeds.”
According to a statement made by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Graucher is the perfect example of a Jew who loves their fellow Jew and uses their gifts to brighten people’s hearts and bring joy.

According to Netanyahu, Dedi “accompanied my children on their journey to adulthood and was with us in both moments of joy and sadness.” All it took for us to start smiling wildly was for him to enter the room.

“Who couldn’t love Dedi for his incredible soul and the light he radiated? Tonight, we weep alongside Malka and the kids, including Tzipora Miriam, Michal Chana, Shira, Shani Yaffa, Shai Meir, Avraham Elimelech, Natan Yair, Renana Zahava, Yaakov Dov, and Aviel, as well as the many others who knew this lovely, upright guy.

We shall never forget the loss of a beloved friend to our family. His memories may bring you blessings.


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