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Delta/KLM faces suit for antisemitic discrimination after 19 Jewish girls got kicked off flights in Amsterdam

By 03/18/2022 2:34 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The 19 teenage Jewish girls who got stuck in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam allegedly due to antisemitic-motivated extortion by KLM airline last August 5, 2021, have filed a suit for antisemitic discrimination against the airline this week.

The girls who came from Monsey, Williamsburg, or Boro Park filed the suit on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of New York.

“After spending two weeks on a religious and educational tour to pay tribute to their Jewish heritage, to remember the atrocities of the Holocaust, and to honor the millions of Jewish families who perished or whose lives were destroyed at the hands of antisemitic murderers, Plaintiffs suffered a devastating reminder at the hands of Delta Airlines and KLM Airlines that anti-Semitism and discrimination against the Jewish race continues in 2021,” the girls said in their suit.

According to reports, the teenagers were part of a group of 50 girls that had been touring Jewish sites in Europe.

As the girls were heading home to New York from Ukraine KLM airline had a stopover in Amsterdam.

Before the stopover in Amsterdam, as the plane was still flying the crew already started the girls telling them to always fix their mask even though it is fixed.

The flight crew also barred them from eating saying it was not the official mealtime.

As the group attempted to board the connecting flight in Amsterdam for New York, 18 of them were denied entry and told they could not board the flight.

No reason was given. These are the first 18 girls on the group’s list in alphabetical order; all have last names beginning with A through K.

Aside from stopping them from boarding, KLM also asked them to pay a $3,000 fine, plus $275 for the release of their luggage.

At this instance, the girls went to a Delta counter to try to get on a Delta flight. But Delta, which is a partner company with
KLM said the girls would need to pay the same $3,000 plus $275 to get on a Delta flight.

At this juncture, the girls decided to call their family for help.

The girls are spending the night in a cordoned-off area of the airport while waiting for their flight home.


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