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Deputy Mayor of Tel Aviv: Family Assaulted by Eritrean Youths

By 09/06/2023 2:20 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Haim Goren, the deputy mayor of Tel Aviv, reported that a group of Eritrean boys had attacked him, his family, and their home on Tuesday night after making a police report.

Days prior to the incident, rival Eritrean immigrant factions engaged in street brawls in South Tel Aviv that injured more than 170 people, including 49 police officers.

Fifty-three of the rioters have been placed in administrative detention by Israel. According to Goren, who also oversees the city’s security, “if we don’t deal with the problem of infiltrators, we will experience the scenes we experienced on Shabbat for years to come.”

Separately, on Tuesday, the Eritrean Ministry of Information claimed that Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency was responsible for the recent outbreak of violent riots in a number of different nations around the world.

The statement read, “The major intelligence agencies (especially Mossad) are trying to disrupt the ranks of the Eritrean people as a result of their shock at the non-white struggle of the Eritrean people.

The Eritrean Embassy in Tel Aviv also released a statement on Tuesday in an effort to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the events of the previous day.

They claimed that the Israel Police had given permission for a “motley group of hooligans” to hold a protest and that they had provided the police with reliable information that the group was preparing for violence and vandalism.

The embassy also charged numerous opposition figures.
Since severing its ties to Ethiopia’s neighbor three decades ago, human rights organizations have referred to Eritrea as one of the most authoritarian and oppressive nations in the world. President Isaias Afwerki is in charge.

The country’s compulsory military conscription has caused many people to flee.


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