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Deri Decision Met With Furious Right-Wing Reaction: “Throwing 400,000 Votes in the Garbage”

By 01/18/2023 10:30 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Shas leaders and other Likud-led coalition participants in Israel reacted furiously to the High Court’s decision to bar Aryeh Deri from holding a ministerial position in Netanyahu’s administration.

The minister of welfare and social security, Yoav Ben-Tzur, stated that the “principle of reasonability could not be an amorphous judicial code that has no basis in the law of any democratic country in the world and that allows the court to push far-reaching rulings based on personal agendas.

Are the two million voters who supported a right-wing administration with the knowledge that Deri would have a ministerial position suddenly acting like unreasonable people? ”

“Does the elected prime minister who chose him not have a reasonable degree of discretion in selecting his ministers?” Ben-Tzur said.

Are the majority of Knesset members who supported his appointment unreasonable? The legislative branch of any democratic parliament, which is made up of persons chosen at large, is the ultimate authority.

In a democratic country, it is unreasonable for the judiciary to thwart popular will when there is no valid legal basis.

“The court has once again demonstrated that the reasonability concept is illogical, with an attempt to modify the clear will of the nation to have Aryeh Deri as a minister in the government representing hundreds of thousands of voters, as proved in today’s ruling,” stated Yaakov Tessler (UTJ).

The reasonability principle’s application, according to MK Yitzchak Pindrus, “shows that the court is not the protector of the law but rather the defender of its political agenda.

It is unfair that R’ Aryeh Deri has been wronged. We’ll figure out a method to let him keep making such a significant contribution to the Israeli government while serving in a ministerial capacity.

Meir Porush, minister of Jerusalem and Jewish Heritage, claimed that “the cloak wearers are trying to achieve a political coup from their court after the left lost the election.

We support legislation that swiftly reinstated Rabbi Deri to his position.

“All those who tried to achieve deals and concessions can see that the court, which was not elected, has proved that it doesn’t want agreements or compromises and wants unrestricted power over elected public authorities,” National Security Minister Ben-Gvir stated.

Nobody involved in the legal takeover has assimilated that the voters clarified their preferences during the most recent elections. The time for reform is now.

According to MK Miki Zohar, Aryeh Deri was democratically elected by thousands of Israelis, but the court invalidated their ballots. More than ever, legal reforms are required.



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