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Deri’s replacement Mk Moshe Arbel is appointed to ministerial positions by the Shas Party

By 04/17/2023 11:21 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Aryeh Deri, the party’s head, will be replaced as interior and health minister by Shas Knesset member Moshe Arbel.
Israel’s Supreme Court removed Deri from the positions in January, prompting the current action.

According to Kan News, Arbel had temporarily filled the positions, but because temporary appointments are only valid for three months, the government was forced to make Arbel’s selections permanent.

The Shas Party, in contrast, declared on Monday that it will “act as soon as possible to pass the law required to correct the injustice and to appoint Rabbi Aryeh Deri as a minister” about a bill that had been approved on March 20 in the Knesset plenum after being given its first reading.

Basic Law Amendment 16: The Government forbids all courts, including the Supreme Court, from deciding whether government ministerial nominations are lawful. By a margin of 63 to 55, it was approved.

The new legislation would allow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reinstate Deri to his prior positions after he was ordered to do so on January 22 after the court found that Deri’s appointment was “unreasonable in the extreme” because of a prior tax fraud conviction.

Despite a Knesset amendment voted in December stating that those currently incarcerated are the only ones subject to a seven-year restriction on serving as ministers, the Supreme Court’s decision nevertheless stood.

Deri received a prison term with supervision.

Deri was also removed from his position as vice prime-minister after the decision.

The Shas Party released a statement following the court’s ruling that read, “The Supreme Court threw into the trash the votes of 400,000 voters.”


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