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DeSantis Releases New Economic Strategy Aimed at China, Taxes, and Regulations

By 07/31/2023 4:24 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff


Ron DeSantis, a Republican presidential candidate, published a new policy proposal on Monday.

It includes a “Declaration of Economic Independence” that targets China as well as taxes, regulations, and the “elites” he claims are to blame for the country’s decline.

The Florida governor made a commitment to diversify and boost the economy while defending the middle class while speaking at a New Hampshire warehouse.

“Revitalizing economic freedom and opportunity will require building an economy where the concerns of average citizens are elevated over those deemed too big to fail,” he said at Prep Partners Group, a company that manages storage, distribution, and other logistics for other businesses.

DeSantis stated, “We are a nation with an economy, not the other way around. “We belong to a republic. We are not pawns in some vast economic machine.

By terminating the country’s special trade status, outlawing the importation of goods derived from stolen intellectual property, and forbidding businesses from sharing crucial technologies with China, DeSantis declared that his first objective would be to take economic dominance from China.

He claimed that current policies had led to an “abusive relationship” between the two nations. “When it came to China, the elites gave us a false impression. They were mistaken, and we must correct it, he remarked.

The 10-point economic plan is DeSantis’ third significant policy proposal. He is currently trailing former President Donald Trump in most polls and is struggling to get traction as his campaign resets.

More than one-third of his employees were recently let go after federal filings revealed his campaign was spending money at an unsustainable rate. On Monday, though, he concentrated on the careless federal government’s spending.

According to his plan, he will serve as the “new sheriff in town” and veto wasteful expenditures, as well as impose work requirements for social programs. He also asserted that by keeping taxes low, getting rid of red tape, and encouraging investment, he could achieve 3% annual economic growth.

On the subject of education, DeSantis promised to cease rewarding “useless degrees” by holding universities liable for the debt that their students incur.

He said that it was unfair to demand that a truck driver cover the debt of a person with a gender studies degree.

After the speech, DeSantis avoided a query about Trump’s rising legal costs in what was billed as a news conference.

The DeSantis team has been criticizing Trump for using a large portion of his political money to settle legal disputes at the same time. We are here to discuss how to revive this economy.

We’re here to discuss strengthening the middle class, added DeSantis. “If you ask people, are they more interested in learning about it or the stories about the political campaigning process, in my opinion? We’ll talk about the future of the nation because I believe that’s what they want to hear.

DeSantis should be discussing the economic problems he brought about in Florida, including the increased expenses of housing, property insurance, and health care, according to a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee.

It is still unclear why DeSantis would promise to make his shortcomings as governor known nationwide in an effort to revive his disastrous campaign, Ammar Moussa said.


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