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Dispute Over $4 in gas station leads to the fatal shooting of 1 in Detroit

By 05/10/2023 10:57 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

After the clerk shut the door in an argument over a modest purchase, a man fatally shot another customer inside a Detroit gas station and injured two others, according to investigators on Wednesday.

Prosecutors accused Samuel McCray, 27, of murder and attempted murder after more information came to light. In court, his request for a bond was rejected.

After three in the morning, the shooting took place. Saturday. After an electronic purchase was declined, McCray attempted to leave the petrol station with merchandise worth less than $4, the clerk locked the door, according to the prosecutor’s office.

According to eyewitness David Langston, McCray threatened to shoot everyone inside the petrol station if the door wasn’t unlocked.

McCray was pleaded with by Langston, who told WJBK-TV, “‘ Please, sir, don’t shoot us. We don’t have anything to do with this,’ he said, and then he began to shoot.

Langston’s best friend, Gregory Kelly, was slain while Langston, 37, suffered injuries. A 60-year-old guy also sustained injuries.
The prosecutor’s office stated that “after the men were shot, the clerk unlocked the store’s door, and McCray fled from the scene.”

McCray appeared in court on Wednesday and was then sent back to prison. He requested that the court assign a lawyer.

Despite having scheduled a news conference, prosecutor Kym Worthy postponed it and stated that the investigation was ongoing.

Kelly “had a lot of friends,” according to his mother, Marilyn Fortner. Simply said, “He just did not deserve a death like that.”


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