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Divers Discover Submarine Wreckage in Long Island Sound

By 04/19/2023 9:57 AMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

The remains of an experimental submarine built in 1907 and later abandoned in Long Island Sound have been found by divers in Connecticut.

A crew led by Richard Simon, a commercial diver from Coventry, Connecticut, discovered The Defender, a 92-foot-long (28-meter-long) yacht, on Sunday.

Simon claimed that the Defender’s tale had long piqued his attention. To find any abnormality that suited the dimensions of the sub, he spent months reviewing known sonar and underwater mapping studies of the sound’s bottom and government papers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

“A submarine has a very distinctive shape,” he remarked. It must be 13 feet in diameter and 100 feet long. I then produced a list of everything on that extensive list, and on that list was one target.

Simon then gathered a team of expert wreck divers to check the potential position of the Defender.

They had to give up an effort last Friday because of unfavorable tide conditions. When they returned on Sunday, they found the Defender off the shore of Old Saybrook sitting on the bottom, more than 150 feet (45 meters) below the water’s surface.

Simon recalled the misery of looking at a dive buoy in the mist while waiting for his two divers to surface while standing on the deck of his research vessel. The squad screamed in “pure joy,” he claimed, as soon as they realized they had located a sub.

Simon claimed he didn’t want to disclose the precise depth since doing so may reveal where the sub is.

The wealthy Simon Lake and his Bridgeport-based Lake Torpedo Boat Company constructed the submarine under the Lake’s original name to take first place in the U.S. According to NavSource Online, a website devoted to preserving naval history, the Navy has a contract.



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