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Due to the Charedi boycott, Angel’s Bakery orders are canceled, and their value drops

By 05/05/2023 3:12 PMNo CommentsBy YidInfo Staff

Following the cancellation of dozens of orders and the placement of bread boxes outside numerous supermarkets in Orthodox areas, the Charedi boycott of the renowned Angel’s Bakery has intensified.

On Friday morning, numerous images of unopened Angel items were uploaded to social media. Many people, including MK Simcha Rothman of the Religious Zionist Party, one of the designers of the government’s judicial reform program, shared photos of themselves shopping for alternative brands for Shabbos.

According to reports, a sizable order for 50 million NIS for Miron was canceled.

The principals of Chadarim were written to and asked to verbally agree to terminate their contracts with the sizable company in writing.

The huge Wolfson Yeshiva is among the many yeshivos on the list of those that terminated their contracts, along with Chareidi and Dati Leumi.

The consequences for Angel could be catastrophic if the boycott persists. Unverified information claims the company’s shares dropped by approximately 20% or about 150 million shekels.

If the protest continues, it is anticipated to fall by another NIS 300 million.

The unprecedented grassroots boycott began after Omer Bar-Lev, the former security minister who serves as the chairman of Angel, demonstrated against the proposed haredi conscription bill outside Rabbi Gershon Edelstein’s Ponovezh Yeshiva residence on Thursday morning.

The Chevron Yeshiva in Jerusalem has over 1,000 students, and the yeshivas Netiv Hadas-Kaplan and Toras Ze’ev Solovechik are some of the yeshivas that said they would end their relationship with the bakery.

The former minister’s attendance at the rally was denounced by Labor Minister Yoav Ben-Tzur (Shas): “Freedom of expression isn’t the freedom to dishonor.

There is no way to forgive Omer Bar-Lev and his privileged clique for defaming the Torah by protesting outside Rabbi Gershon Edelstein’s home.

I was saddened to see Omer Bar-Lev, who made significant contributions to Israel’s security, shame himself and the country by using the IDF as a wedge.



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